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I need to send Wicket links (throug mail, for example) wich references instances in the system.

For example, the mail could contain:

From: ...@... To: ...@... Subject: Order Pending

... txt... Click here to go: http://I.dont.care.the.style.of.the.linkPage.OrderDetailPage?orderId=1001 ... txt...

I have two contructor of this OrderDetailPage

public class OrderDetailPage extends BasePage {

public OrderDetailPage(PageParameters parameters){
    this(OrderRepository.getById(parameters.getAsInteger("orderId")), null);

public OrderDetailPage(Order order, WebPage back) {
       super(new CompoundPropertyModel<Order>(order));
       //Renders the page for the order received.
       //back is the page we came from. Null hides link.


I don't know how to send the links, because, I can't create a Bookmarkable Link because it looks for the default constructor... and of course, I don't have one.

What im doing for another page is:

final PageParameters pars = new PageParameters();
pars.add("orderId", "1001");

BookmarkablePageLink<Void> link = new BookmarkablePageLink<Void>("alink", OrderDetailPage.class, pars); 

link.add(new Label("id", "1001"));  


<li><a href="#" wicket:id="alink"><span wicket:id="id"/></a></li>

The generated URL is


Wich is OK, but Still, doesn't call the "parameters" constructor.


I fix this, but I know the solution is NOT OK.

public OrderDetailPage() {


EDIT: I read something about "mounting" the url, could this work? How?

Any ideas? Thank you.

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The BookMarkablePageLink has 2 constructors: one for connecting to the default constructor of the linked page, and one with an extra parameter to supply the link with PageParameters, which will call the constructor with the PageParameters.

You create the link like so:

PageParameters pars = new PageParameters();
pars.add("id", 12345);
add(new BookmarkablePageLink("id", MyPage.class, pars);

This also works with the setResponsePage method:

PageParameters pars = new PageParameters();
pars.add("id", 12345);
setResponsePage(MyPage.class, pars);
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It's still says: WicketMessage: Unable to create page from class packagePath.OrderDetailPage. Class does not have a visible default contructor. It doesn't call the "Parameters" constructor. –  anizzomc Sep 22 '11 at 16:08
Can you show some code? Because this is the way I do this too. –  bert Sep 22 '11 at 18:38
Then there is something wrong in your code, which is not visible in the snippets you have provided. The API hasn't changed since Wicket 1.0 AFAIK. –  Martijn Dashorst Sep 22 '11 at 19:49
I do that. When I follow the link, I get OrderDetailPage has not a visible default constructor. Should I have it? That doesn't make sense. –  anizzomc Sep 23 '11 at 12:44
Which version of wicket are you using? Unless you are using a final release (1.5.0 or 1.4.18) you might run into a weird bug. Try reproducing in a quick start with only the bookmarkable link and pages. See also the link examples located here: wicket-examples.herokuapp.com/linkomatic/home –  Martijn Dashorst Sep 25 '11 at 12:54

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