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Possible Duplicate:
What's the most elegant way to concatenate a list of values with delimiter in Java?

I have 3 different words listed in property file in 3 different lines. QWERT POLICE MATTER

I want to read that property file and store those 3 words in String, not in aarylist separated by whitespace. The output should look like this String str = { QWERT POLICE MATTER}

Now I used the follwoing code and getting the output without white space in between the words: String str = {QWERTPOLICEMATTER}. What should I do to the code to get the string result with words separated by whitespace.

FileInputStream in = new FileInputStream("");
            Enumeration em = pro.keys();
            StringBuffer stringBuffer = new StringBuffer();
            while (em.hasMoreElements()){
               String str = (String)em.nextElement();
               search = (stringBuffer.append(pro.get(str)).toString());
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marked as duplicate by Matt Ball, Teja Kantamneni, Martijn Courteaux, NikiC, agf Sep 22 '11 at 17:30

This question was marked as an exact duplicate of an existing question.


search = (stringBuffer.append(" ").append(pro.get(str)).toString());
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Just append a blank space in your loop. See the extra append below:

while (em.hasMoreElements()){
    String str = (String)em.nextElement();
    search = (stringBuffer.append(pro.get(str)).toString());
        stringBuffer.append(" ")
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