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How to resolve a merge conflict when merging a branch back to trunk with subversive. (e.g a File have different changes at the same position)

i did the folowing:

  • selected merge at a project (team merge)
  • selected branch url
  • execute merge ==> conflicts are now shown in syncronize view
  • select resolve conflict ==>Conflicts are shown in the Compare view
  • edit the working copy to resolve one conflict

So far it worked but now i want to save the working copy and show the remaining conflicts in that file. But when i save the working copy the conflict view is not updated. And when i reopen the conflict view i didnt see my previous changes. That makes it impossible to resolve conflicts.

thx for helping

(Eclipse 3.6, subverive 0.7.9, svnkit 1.3.5) i use the newest subverive version and svnkit

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You just need to right click on the file; team --> mark as merged

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