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ok so i have 2 domains site1.com/images/ (all images)

and I need to redirect the imgages link site1.com/images/ to site2.com/images/ so that when and when exp. site1.com/images/i.jpg is called it will look at site2.com/images/1.jpg and will find it. .this is basic duplicate of the site and i don't want to move images back and forward.

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Put in your .htaccess on site1.com

Redirect permanent /images http://sites2.com/images
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If the websites are on the same server and running under the same user, you could use symbolic links between both websites.

E.g., create a symlink to /home/site2/public_html/images in /home/site1/public_html/images. Another option is using the Apache's Alias directive:

Alias /images /home/site2/public_html/images

Put this in the vhost config of site1.

Using redirection on Apache:

RedirectPermanent /images http://site2.example.com/images

The best way would probably fixing the HTML code pointing to one domain. If you cannot decide which domain should get the static content, create a subdomain (or even a different domain) to store the files.

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