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I don't find how to start Filepicker in a specific folder, with a picture view : When I sayfp.setView(VIEW_PICTURES); and fp.setPath("file:///SDCard/Blackberry/travail/"); the view is correct, but not the path. I always go in the picture path, but with the good view (pictures only). If I only say fp.setPath("file:///SDCard/Blackberry/travail/");, the path is correct, but the view is default one, with icons and labels. Is ther any simply other way ? Thanks

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I believe you should try this:

fp.setView(VIEW_ALL); // instead of VIEW_PICTURES
fp.setFilter(".jpg"); // show files with ".jpg" extention only
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Go to this below link:

and see the alishaik786 message you can get the information.

If you have reputation more than 20 then you can meet us in stackOverFlow's chat Room name is: "Life for Blackberry " and ask directly questions.

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