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I'm trying to capture the url of the webform. For validated users, the code below works: %server[SERVER_NAME]%server[REQUEST_URI]

For anonymous users, it does not.

From Post#7, I checked out this thread and tried the patch, but it did not work

When I tried that fix, the hidden form text title even disappeared.

When a user is verified, the field shows up just fine. I need it to show when a user is anonymous.

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This functionality seems to be the way that the webform creators want it. There are some workarounds, including dynamically setting the values with javascript. Check out this issue.

Javascript fix from thread:

Drupal.Ajax.plugins.anypluginname = function(hook, args){
    switch (hook) {
        case 'submit': // after submit was pressed
            $('#edit-submitted--product-link').val(window.location); // I know ID of my field :)
                Anything you want here

    return true;
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Where would I put this code? – Don Sevcik Oct 10 '11 at 15:34

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