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I've been tasked with developing a simple package to post from a newsletter signup form to MailChimp. Easy enough for me to do in PHP, but this has to be in ASP.NET, which I don't know at all.

I've found my way to PerceptiveMCAPI, gotten my API keys, my list id, and my form fields set up, but I just have no idea how I'm supposed to create the actual listSubscribe command. The only examples I can find are for listBatchSubscribe, which I haven't been able to water down to only work for a single iteration.

Please help! I need to be pointed in the right direction, or given an example of how to actually build this command.

Thanks in advance.

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Hope you understand c# code.

listSubscribe cmd = new listSubscribe();

listSubscribeParms newlistSubscribeParms = new listSubscribeParms 
    apikey = apikey,
    id = listid,
    email_address = "",
    merge_vars =  new Dictionary<string, object>(),
    double_optin = false,
    email_type = EnumValues.emailType.html,
    replace_interests = true,
    send_welcome = false,
    update_existing = true 

listSubscribeInput newlistSubscribeInput = new listSubscribeInput(newlistSubscribeParms);

var subscribeSuccess = cmd.Execute(newlistSubscribeInput);

The listSubscribe, listSubscribeParms, listSubscribeInput come from the PerceptiveMCAPI library.

hope this helps.

if it does, then don't forget to mark as answer.

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Here is the VB code that works great for me. The above code didnt convert well for me...

You need to get this If using VS pro you can just copy the two dlls into the bin, in express i think you need to import them/reference them or something!

Your need to do these imports

Imports PerceptiveMCAPI
Imports PerceptiveMCAPI.Types
Imports PerceptiveMCAPI.Methods

then this code...

Dim cmd As New listSubscribe()

Dim newlistSubscribeParms As New listSubscribeParms()
newlistSubscribeParms.apikey = "YourApiKeyFromMailChimp" = "YourListIdFromMailChimp"
newlistSubscribeParms.email_address = ""
newlistSubscribeParms.double_optin = False
newlistSubscribeParms.email_type = EnumValues.emailType.html
newlistSubscribeParms.replace_interests = True
newlistSubscribeParms.send_welcome = False
newlistSubscribeParms.update_existing = True

Dim newlistSubscribeInput As New listSubscribeInput(newlistSubscribeParms)
Dim subscribeSuccess = cmd.Execute(newlistSubscribeInput)


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