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For our website, we want to use Akamai as CDN. The problem we have intercept all the html and change media URL's to akamai URL's.

for eg: ~/media/Marketing/Stages/EmailMarkeImg.ashx

So, right now, i am intercepting this using Response filters in a HttpModule. But there are performance issues with this, reason is, we need to find out all the tags with ~/media and append that name : before all the This is really a performance issue from the response point of view.

This is my first sitecore project and i am trying get a deep insight into this. But, i know you guys must have already done these kind of things. Please help me in this case.

PS: Any options of extending the pipe lines, when the current item is looking for a media library image, just appending the akamai domain path.

Please let me know.


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If you are running 6.4 or later you can use the setting Media.MediaLinkPrefix.

Example patch:

This works only for media items in the media library.

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I've answered this before:

How can I configure Sitecore so that it generates absolute links to media items?

Short summary: there is no configuration to do this, you need to override some of the built-in methods to do this. See the above link for the exact details.

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