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While printing contents of a NSTextField the debugger is displaying following character sequence \342\200\250 for newline. Can anyone tell me how to interpret this sequence, I expect it to be newline character since I entered newline after Headline news 1

print (Ptr)[[sender objectValue] UTF8String] $15 = 0x14a1b0 "Headline news 1\342\200\250Headline news 2\342\200\250Headline news 3\342\200\250Headline news 4"

Also po [sender objectValue] outputs something like this

(gdb) po [sender objectValue]
Headline news 1

    Headline news 2

    Headline news 3
Headline news 4

Thank you

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\342\200\250 (specifically, the bytes with values 0342 = 0xe2, 0200 = 0x80, and 0250 = 0xa8) is the UTF-8 encoding of Unicode character U+2028, named "LINE SEPARATOR". The newline that you entered is being interpreted as U+2028 for some reason, and then it is encoded as UTF-8 and printed out as a series of octal escapes.

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