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I am using the CodeIgniter framework and I am confused on how to remove %20 from my urls. Below is an example of my code. Controller - blog method - show attribute - this is my blog

public function show($blog= null)
    // my attempt to set the uri segment
    $blogName = $this->uri->segment(3, url_title($blog));
    ... //other code

this doesnt work, I am confused where I implement the url_title('this is my blog') function so that on page load it shows:


do I need to do something in the config/routes.php file?

thank you!


Alright so I found out that url_title() output this20is20my20blog so I now have this:

      $blogUrl = str_replace("%20", "-", $blog);
    $this->uri->segment(3, $blogUrl);

but it still returns the URL with %20

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Without the other code displayed (eg., what "returns" the %20's?), it's impossible to know what's happening. Also, you say that you want it to show "/blog/show/this-is-my-blog", but you didn't specify what the URI is that you've browsed to nor whether or not you are passing the $blog parameter to the show() function. –  Mike S. Sep 22 '11 at 22:38

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You just need to use the native php function urldecode to remove any characters that get encoded in a url. Spaces in a URL get encoded to %20 so instead of doing a str_replace just try

public function show($blog= null)
    // i'm not sure what url_title does so you might have to tweak this a little
    $blogName = $this->uri->segment(3, urldecode(url_title($blog)));


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Try echoing the url_title() just before you do the $this->uri->segment(); to ensure it's returning correctly.

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