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I am converting a site from asp.net mvc 2 to asp.net mvc 3. I am wanting to use the built in validation in mvc 3 which uses the jquery.validate and the jquery.validate.unobtrusive. However on my old site I was already using jquery.validate and added custom method for validation that I would then call when a drop down was changed.

I need to be able to:

  1. Register this method.
  2. Call only when the dropdown is changed.

Here is my code for this on my asp.net 2 site.

//add class to the html element

//create the method "validClient"
$.validator.addMethod("validClient", function(value, element) {

    //get the actual value in the input box
    var _value =  $("#ClientId").data('tComboBox').value();

    //get all the items in the list
    var _items = $("#ClientId").data('tComboBox').data;

    //set the value to return
    var _retVal = false;

    //loop through the items if the selected value equals a value we are valid
    $.each(_items, function(index, value)
        if(value.Value == _value){
            _retVal = true;

            //return false in the loop to break.
            return false;

    return _retVal;

}, "Please choose a Client from the list.");

//Assign the rule to the validator

//this is called when dropdownchanges
function ClientsChanged(e)

        //do work here
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In my answer here, at the bottom, you will see code showing how to add and register a custom validation method, so that MVC 3 unobtrusive validation will handle your custom validator.

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