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Executing the following command git log --before "Feb 01 2011" returns all of the commits from before the specified date, including their SHA I'm trying to write a cygwin script that syncs my head to the last commit of a specific month, without me having to find and enter the SHA myself. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Just use rev-list with the same options as you would pass to log, plus -n 1 to return just the first one.

sha1=$(git rev-list --before "Feb 01 2011" -n 1 HEAD)
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Awesome, thanks! –  blaughli Sep 22 '11 at 19:25

In bash on linux the following works, I think it should also work on cygwin:

git checkout $(git log --before='Feb 01 2011' -n1 | head -n 1 |sed s/commit\ //)

It may be a good idea to immediately create a branch when you do that

git checkout $(git log --before='Feb 01 2011' -n1 | head -n 1 |sed s/commit\ //) -b 2011-02

Or alternatively if you intend to create a script tagging is perhaps a better option. Eg:

git checkout $(git log --before='Feb 01 2011' -n1 | head -n 1 |sed s/commit\ //)
git tag 2011-01
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Thank you, that's right where I'm headed:))) –  blaughli Sep 22 '11 at 19:26

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