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I have been working on a college project using OpenCV. I made a simple program which detects faces, by passing frames captured by a webcam in a function which detects faces.

On detection it draws black boxes on the faces when detected. However my project does not end here, i would like to be able to clip out those faces which get detected as soon as possible and save it in an image and then apply different image processing techniques [as per my need]. If this is too problematic i could use a simple image instead of using frames captured by a webcam.

I am just clueless about how to go about clipping those faces out that get detected.

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When you say detected -- what are they detected as? In other words have you segmented the image, and have a set of pixels, or is there some analytical means which only produces a true/false value? –  drb Sep 22 '11 at 20:01

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For C++ version you can check this tutorial from OpenCV documentation.

In the function detectAndDisplay you can see the line

Mat faceROI = frame_gray( faces[i] );

where faceROI is clipped face and you can save it to file with imwrite function:

imwrite("face.jpg", faceROI);
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Check this link, you can crop the image using the dimensions of the black box, resize it and save as a new file.

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Could you grab the frame and crop the photo with the X,Y coordinates of each corner?

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Webcam would capture moving objects wont it? So how do i get those co-ordinates? –  Lht Lohit Sep 22 '11 at 18:59

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