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  1. Within your iPhone app environment be able to connect to Facebook.

  2. Then post a comment & a chosen photo to your Facebook newsfeed:

    [ Comment: "Hey guys check out my photo! ] [Photo: Image appended to comment ]

  3. User clicks 'post on wall' and on the user's Facebook news feed, this will appear:

    [ "Hey guys check out my photo!" ] + [ photo.jpeg ]

  4. Then below thier Facebook news feed is automatically generated link to the iTunes store and App website:

    [ "Hey guys check out my photo!" ] + [ photo.jpeg ] "Photo created at 'Website Link' - available at Itunes"

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You'll need Facebook Connect for iPhone (for a start)

I doubt Facebook has the ability to link to your own App (like Twitter does), you could just hard code a link and append to every comment. You should check the FB T's & C's first.

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yeah i've seen it done of the Whrrl APP. geo based commentary to users wall. the link i see they use is somewhere in the effect of: Comment Post -via Whirl. but not sure if the Whrrl links to the site. – keuminotti Apr 15 '09 at 15:19

Here's a great tutorial on how to do that, plus you can download the source code:

But you have to link to photos already online, uploading your own photos isnt that easy.

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