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I'm trying to use the bash utility "diff" that is documented here: http://ss64.com/bash/diff.html. Note that I'm using a windows-ported version of the bash utility, but that shouldn't make any difference.

I have two files, regex_test_1.txt and regex_test_2.txt that have the following contents:


// $Id: some random id string $ more text

text that matches


// $Id: some more random id string $ more text

text that matches

I am trying to diff these files while ignoring any lines that fit this regex:


However, when I run diff and tell it to ignore lines matching this regex using the -I argument, this is the output:

C:\Users\myname\Documents>diff -q -r -I ".*\$(Id|Header|Date|DateTime|Change|File|Revision|Author):.*\$.*" regex_test_1.txt regex_test_2.txt
Files regex_test_1.txt and regex_test_2.txt differ

I expect that it should find no differences (and report nothing). Why is it finding these files to be different?

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diff is not a "bash utility". It's a utility that can be called from bash, but other than that there's no real connection between them. –  Keith Thompson Sep 22 '11 at 22:58

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It's because diff uses basic regex syntax, wherein certain regex metacharacters lose their special meaning:

In basic regular expressions the meta-characters ?, +, {, |, (, and ) lose their special meaning; instead use the backslashed versions \?, \+, \{, \|, \(, and \).

This should work:

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Great! Thanks, it worked. –  Adam S Sep 22 '11 at 19:43

Just for giggles, add -b to your diff. Ignore differences in white space.

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