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Is there a way I can create a composite component that can receive an <f:ajax> tag from outside?

I'm creating an editableText input composite component and I want to show to end user the option to append an <f:ajax> tag inside the input tag of my component. Is there a way to make it using composite component? EditableValueHolder don't support <f:ajax>.

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I've solved the problem a week ago. I didn't posted the answer here cause I was full of work and I forgot it. :)

Just need use this tag:

<c:clientBehavior name="blur" default="true" event="blur" targets="input" />

accordingly with this IBM page, this tag isn't documented, probably is the reason to be so difficult to find it.

Thanks for your attention.

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It is documented here. – Lucas Jan 3 '13 at 18:14

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