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I've been trying to figure out a way to have my iframe Facebook app (built in PHP) work without requiring separate authentication methods. I am already logged into Facebook, but for some reason I still see all these Oauth notices from the example in the PHP SDK.

The only data I need is publicly available even without them "adding" my app. I am looking to collect their Facebook ID (since this is a contest, we need a unique ID for tracking), their name and (optionally) their email address as well.

The problem is, I cannot use the API to fetch the public information unless I already know their Facebook username. Any ideas on how I might be able to get their logged-in username or public handle so I can then fetch the rest of the information?

For whatever reason, Oauth is driving me completely insane with Facebook today.


I did manage to technically get the Javascript SDK operational, which fed some information to PHP for use. The only issue there is that once I login, I don't see the data. If I refresh...then it shows up. Unsure why the refresh is required, as I wouldn't expect a user to actually have to hit refresh in order to proceed with the app.

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I guess you are a bit confused here, Facebook will NOT share the username, id, full name or email without the user explicitly authorizing/allowing your application (and in the case of the email, requesting the email permission!).

Read the official Canvas Tutorial for more information:

In order to gain access to all the user information available to your app by default (like the user's Facebook ID), the user must authorize your app.

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Well this is a bit weird, because the basic information I want is available to anyone publicly assuming I already know their username. It's in Facebook's PHP SDK in the example, like this... $naitik = $facebook->api('/naitik'); – Will Ashworth Sep 22 '11 at 20:47
Exactly, what you said here: assuming I already know their username, usernames are unique just like ids so it's just like saying I'm trying to guess an ID! if you need Facebook to send you the current unknown user public details (including username and id) visiting your app the user must authorize your app. – ifaour Sep 22 '11 at 21:04

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