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I've looked at the 101 Linq Samples here but I can't see anything like this in that list. If I'm just not seeing a relevant example there, please link to it.

If I have these 3 classes:

class Student { int id; string name }
class Course { int id, string name }
class Enrolment { int studentId; int courseId; }

How would I use LINQ to get a list of courses a student is enrolled on? (assume I have an IList of all three classes)

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How about:

IEnumerable<Course> FindCoursesForStudent(Student student)
    return from enrolment in Enrolments 
           where enrolment.studentId == student.id
           join course in Courses
              on enrolment.courseId equals course.id
           select course;
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Skeeted AGAIN by mere seconds! –  Adam Robinson Apr 15 '09 at 14:51
Damn, 1 minute in it! –  Marc Gravell Apr 15 '09 at 14:52

Not an explicit answer, but perhaps implicitly helpful building your system.

Have you considered a richer domain model like so:

class Student { int id; string name; IEnumerable<Enrolment> enrolments }
class Course { int id, string name; }
class Enrolment { Student student; Course course; }


The Student class could then have a method GetEnroledCourses() like so:

public IEnumerable<Course> GetEnroledCourses()
   return enrolements.Select(enrolement => enrolement.Course).ToList().AsReadonly();

A model that's merely a one-to-one mapping to the database suffice in some contexts, but if you have complex business logic such an «anemic domain model» might bite you.

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var courses = (from course in courseList 
    join enr in enrolmentList on enr.courseId equals course.id 
    where enr.studentId = <student id variable> 
    select course);
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It's more efficient to do the where before the join - there's no sense in matching a load of enrolments with courses in the join, only to throw them away again immediately. –  Jon Skeet Apr 15 '09 at 14:52
Sounds like LINQ needs a better optimizer, then ;) –  Adam Robinson Apr 15 '09 at 15:23

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