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I am interested in trying to use SimpleITK to solve my imaging problem. Can you please tell me where the documentation and training materials are?

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SimpleITK is documented here, and has a tutorial that has been presented at the MICCAI 2011 conference.

Development of SimpleITK is hosted on Github and feature requests can be entered in Jira.

Direct Links:

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There are additional resources that are useful, SimpleITK's WIKI, SimpleITK-Notebooks, and SimpleITK Doxygen.

The SimpleITK WIKI contains a FAQ, information on building SimpleITK, and some visual guides to getting started in different languages.

SimpleITK-Notebooks is a collection of Python Notebooks containing examples on how to do image processing.

SimpleITK's Doxygen contains documentation of the C++ API, along with basic example for different languages.

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I would say the SimpleITK-Notebooks listed above are the best place for a beginner to start after having installed SimpleITK. –  Garrett Jun 20 '14 at 8:02

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