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I am using the rapidxml lib. It defines a function to parse files in this way:

template<int Flags>
void parse(Ch *text)

The lib provides const int flags for example:

const int parse_declaration_node = 0x20;

So I created a pointer to a static int in my class:

const int * parser_mode;

And in the class constructor I assigned it its value:

parser_mode = &rapidxml::parse_declaration_node;

Then when I try to use this const int * as template argument to the parse function:


I get this error message:

error: ‘GpxSectionData::parser_mode’ cannot appear in a constant-expression

This rest of the statement seems correct since:


doesn't produce compilation error...

Could you please tell me what I am missing here? Thank you!

Thanks to the explanations below I will probably define it out of the class: So I think this is:

class Myclass {
static const int parser_mode;
static const int Myclass::parser_mode = rapidxml::parse_declaration_node;
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template<int Flags> void parse(Ch *text) ... const int * parser_mode;

Your template takes an int as a template parameter, but you are passing it an int*. The types int and int* are not the same.

Try tree->parse<rapidxml::parse_declaration_node>(file->data());

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Also note that even *parser_mode is not a compile-time constant expression, so he must use the full name (as you demonstrate) or instantiate static const int parser_mode = rapidxml::parse_declaration_node; outside of the constructor – Mooing Duck Sep 22 '11 at 20:56
Okay. Did I correctly understood the issue if I say that the templates arguments need to be resolved during compilation. So even if my parser_mode points to a const int, since the pointer itself will be defined during runtime, the object cannot be build? So even if I use a const int * const parser_mode, this will fail during compilation? – Plouff Sep 23 '11 at 9:07
@Rob: BTW, I also realized that trying with parsermode instead of *parser_mode was stupid. The error message with the * was even more confusing, and it confused me. Pointers need a little practice when you are learning c++! Thank you for your explanation. – Plouff Sep 23 '11 at 9:13
I edited my question with what I will try. – Plouff Sep 23 '11 at 9:21

You cannot use variable for value of template parameter.

Instead you can add Flags template parameter to your class

template<int Flags>
class CClass {

And set Flags parameter for class instance

CClass<rapidxml::parse_declaration_node> obj;
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Thank you, good to know this too. Even if in my case it may be not so easy to use (but you can't know!). Indeed I may need to add other const variables inside my class over time. – Plouff Sep 23 '11 at 9:14

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