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    public function configure()

            $email = $this->getWidget('email');
            $class = get_class($email);
                    new $class( array(), array('maxlength' =>

$email->getAttribute('maxlength') ) ) ); $this->widgetSchema->moveField( 'email2', sfWidgetFormSchema::AFTER, 'email' );

$this->widgetSchema->setNameFormat('sfApplyApply[%s]'); $this->widgetSchema->setFormFormatterName('list');

            $this->setValidator('email', new sfValidatorAnd(

array( new sfValidatorEmail( array('required' => true, 'trim' => true) ), new sfValidatorString( array('required' => true, 'max_length' => 80) ), new sfValidatorDoctrineUnique( array( 'model' => 'sfGuardUserProfile', 'column' => 'email'), array('invalid' => 'An account with that email address already exists. If you have forgotten your password, click "cancel", then "Reset My Password."') ) )));

            $this->setValidator('email2', new sfValidatorEmail( 
                    array( 'required' => true, 'trim' => true )));

            $schema = $this->validatorSchema;

            // Hey Fabien, adding more postvalidators is kinda

verbose! $postValidator = $schema->getPostValidator();

            $postValidators = array( 
                new sfValidatorSchemaCompare( 'password',

sfValidatorSchemaCompare::EQUAL, 'password2', array(), array('invalid' => 'The passwords did not match.') ), new sfValidatorSchemaCompare( 'email', sfValidatorSchemaCompare::EQUAL, 'email2', array(), array('invalid' => 'The email addresses did not match.') ) );

            if( $postValidator )
                $postValidators[] = $postValidator;

            $this->validatorSchema->setPostValidator( new

sfValidatorAnd($postValidators) ); } }

why if is in database another user with same email then i have two error - first with this information, and second - The emails did not match.

how can i fix it?

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Have you tried to dump the values contained in email and email2 ? – FMaz008 Sep 22 '11 at 22:11

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