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I have mynamespace.myproduct and mynamespace.myproduct2.

mynamespace.myproduct2 is defined as a dependency in mynamespace.myproduct's metadata.xml. mynamespace.myproduct2 has some workflows that I would like to override, without having to customize mynamespace.myproduct2 as a whole.

I know I can change it using the portal_workflow at ZMI, but I need to keep these changes, in both situations when mynamespace.myproduct and mynamespace.myproduct2 are reinstalled in portal_quickinstaller.

The workflows would have the same name, but my customized one will have different states, and I need mynamespace.myproduct to override mynamespace.myproduct2's workflows. Summarizing: I need to just change a workflow from a product, (keeping the content-types, etc) but don't want to customize the whole package.

I tought about overrides.zcml (an example), but this overrides the profile completely, and I just want to override the workflow (and dont even know if this approach works. adding this file is going to be always used instead of the original profile? How do I properly test it?). And according to plone community guide:

Note Difference between ZCML and GenericSetup ZCML changes affect loaded Python code in all sites inside Zope whereas GenericSetup XML files affect only one Plone site and its database. GenericSetup XML files are always database changes. Relationship between ZCML and site-specific behavior is usually done using layers. ZCML directives, like viewlets and views, are registered to be active on a certain layer only using layer attribute. When GenericSetup XML is imported through portal_setup, or the product add-on installer is run for a Plone site, the layer is activated for the particular site only, enabling all views registered for this layer.

I don't want this to affect all Plone sites, just one.

So, is this possible/feasible, or will I have to do a fork and edit the xml files from the original workflow to work?

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to override any workflow defined in mynamespace.myproduct2 you have to add a new workflow definition in mynamespace.myproduct and bind it to your desired content type.

So you have to add this structure:

|-- ...
`-- profiles/
   `-- default/
      |-- ...
      |-- workflows.xml
      `-- workflows/
         `-- mycustom_workflow/
            `-- definition.xml

and in workflows.xml you will have:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<object name="portal_workflow" meta_type="Plone Workflow Tool">

 <!-- This registers the new workflow -->
 <object name="mycustom_workflow" meta_type="Workflow"/>

 <!-- This binds the new wf with MyContent content type -->    
   <type type_id="MyContent">
     <bound-workflow workflow_id="mycustom_workflow"/>


This will affect only the site where your product is installed. In the end remember to restart zope and to re-install your product to apply the new genericsetup configuration.

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But if I install mynamespace.myproduct2 (the dependecy), it's going to "override the override". How do I avoid this? –  B__ Sep 23 '11 at 13:47
You cannot...simply reinstall your product with the overrides as the last one –  Giacomo Spettoli Sep 23 '11 at 15:41

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