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I am attempting to create a batch for loop (Windows XP and newer command prompts) that iterates through a string containing one or more asterisks. How can I do this? Here is an example:

@FOR %%A IN (A* B) DO @ECHO %%A

The expected output (what I am trying to get) is the following:


However, what I am actually getting with the command above is B and only B. For some reason, everything with an asterisk is being ignored by the loop. I have attempted escaping the asterisk with 1-4 carets (^), backslashes (\), percent signs (%), and other asterisks (*), all to no avail. Thanks in advance for illuminating me.


The purpose of this is to parse a path out of a list of space-separated partial paths. For example, I want to copy C:\Bar\A.txt, C:\Bar\B.txt, and C:\Bar\C*.txt to C:\Foo\ using the following approach:

@FOR %%A IN (%FILE_LIST%) DO @COPY C:\Bar\%%A.txt C:\Foo\

If there is another alternative way to do this (preferably without typing each and every copy command since there are ~200 files, which is the same reason I don't want to store the full path for every file), I would appreciate the help. Thanks again,


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Do you need to copy ALL files in the Bar folder? Or do you have only certain files you wish to copy? If there are only certain files, do they share a common name? Are you moving all .txt files? You can explain to us what your real-life application is. We promise we won't track you down to steal your data =D. Except maybe Jeb =/ –  Mechaflash Sep 23 '11 at 14:11

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This may help:

@echo off
set "it=a*b .txt-b*.txt-c*.txt-d.txt"
set /a i=0,fn=3
set /a i=i+1
for /f "tokens=%i%delims=-" %%m in ("%it%") do echo %%m
if %i% lss %fn% goto:startLoop
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the asterisks works the way its intended, in your case,

@FOR %%A IN (A* B) DO @ECHO %%A

expands A* to all the files that begin with A.

A possible way to do what you want, is just to use this expansion

@ECHO off
PUSHD C:\bar
SET FILE_LIST=A.txt B.txt C*.txt
  IF EXIST %%A COPY %%A C:\Foo\
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