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Ok, I know there are already questions on here about this but none are giving me an answer.

I'm using jqgrid in MVC. In my View I have set up a jqgrid:

jQuery(document).ready(function () {
            var invoiceId = @Model.Invoice.InvoiceId;
            url: '/Invoice/InvoiceLineGridData/' + invoiceId,

            editurl: '/Invoice/SaveInvoiceLine/' + invoiceId,


So my jqgrid is a list of invoiceLines that relate to an invoice. The edit works fine but when I try to do an add I get error Status: 'error'. Error code: 500.

The method it's calling on the controller is like:

public void SaveInvoiceLine(InvoiceLine invoiceLine, int id)

So what's causing the error on the add is it's trying to assign a null to id. I don't want to make the id nullable because it never will (should) be.

I've found the issue isn't with: var invoiceId = @Model.Invoice.InvoiceId;

as I for an experiment changed to editurl: '/Invoice/SaveInvoiceLine/2',

Even with this hardcoded on add I'm still getting the error with it coming through nullable.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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This did it:

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