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In the following I can clone the Hashtable but not the actual value

  val myHash = new HashMap[String, Int]
  myHash.put("A", 4)
  println(myHash("A").clone()) // fail
  myHash.clone() // works

I get the error cannot resolve symbol clone

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The HashMap is a Clonable while the Int is not.

I assume you expect to get an error since the int is in the map; however that is not a problem as clone is shallow. Clone will only create a new map and stuff all same keys and values into that.

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You can't clone a number. Int doesn't have a clone() method.

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BigInt and BigDecimal can be cloned. It would be better to say one can't clone an AnyVal, which are equivalent to Java primitives, because the clone method is only present on AnyRef. – Daniel C. Sobral Sep 23 '11 at 3:45

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