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I know you can use services like Xrumer to generate a lot of backlinks. But I don't find those services that useful. Is there a better way to create backlinks and what software can be used to check how many backlinks you have? I currently just use the site explorer from yahoo.

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  • Submit your site in Hi PR and Good Directory.
  • You can submit your site in different Web submission site.
  • Submit your post's url in different Book Marking site at least 15 site.
  • Make Blog comment in Hi PR Blog.
  • Make Forum Post and add link to your site ( Don't make Spam).

and the easy way is "Buy Backlinks"

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To measure backlinks, you can use Ahrefs, SEOMoz, MajesticSEO, SearchEnable and even Google Webmaster provides backlink information.

To get backlinks best is to create unique content which provides value to visitor's. - Add social media & bookmarking buttons in your blogs for user's to spread the word - If content is good, other blogger's will link to it - Do guest post in other blogs from your domain - Write to other blogger's to cover your product, approach review websites. Above will take time, but surely efforts will be very handy in long run.

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Using Xrumer is one of the deadliest thing for your website. Xrumer is purely black hat.

Comment Marketing is one of the best way to get backlinks you your website. It's very simple. You need to find relevant forums and blogs and be active in the discussion. Make sure that your comments are useful and informative. You need to be admired by the blog owners and questioners to gain some weight to your link.

Video Marketing: This is one of the best way to gain backlinks. People like watching videos than reading long stories. All you have to do is to create some interesting videos with your niche and publish the same over 100s of free video sites. Some people would appreciate it and would link back to you.

Create a blog: A site without a blog is something like a man without pants. Get a blog and start blogging. You can do new research and publish it on your blog. People will link to you.

Q&A Site: Answer questions asked on Q&A sites. People will link back to you if they find your answers interesting.

Make link worthy content and publish it on your website.

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