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I have stored in my DB a row and in that row SubCategories

it has the following 2,56,81

What I need to do is change the numbers to the correct SubCategories ie: 1 = Sports 2 = Camping 3 = Climing


I thought I would be able to do the following

$parts = explode(',', $row['SubCategories']);

But now I ran into a slight issue with how do I turn that into the words?

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You'll have to create an array with the word definitions, and then use the numbers as keys:

$words = array (
    1 => 'Sports',
    2 => 'Camping',
    3 => 'Climbing'

$parts = explode(',', '1,3');

for ( $i = 0; $i < count($parts); $i++ )
    $parts[$i] = $words[ $parts[$i] ];

See it in action: http://codepad.org/vs2dJi5E

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You're going to have to do a query for those category names, using a WHERE IN() (Details here).

However, it would be better to just have a parent column in the row for the subcategory, and query WHERE parent = 2 to get subcategories for that category

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