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I have this HTML i am parsing.

<div id="articleHeader">
<h1 class="headline">Assassin's Creed Revelations: The Three Heroes</h1>
<h2 class="subheadline">Exclusive videos and art spanning three eras of assassins.</h2>
<h2 class="publish-date"><script>showUSloc=(checkLocale('uk')||checkLocale('au'));document.writeln(showUSloc ? '<strong>US, </strong>' : '');</script>

<span class="us_details">September 22, 2011</span>

What i want to do it parse the "headline" subheadline and publish date all to seperate Strings

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Check out this previously asked question: – slayton Sep 23 '11 at 3:06
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Just use the proper CSS selectors to grab them.

Document document = Jsoup.connect(url).get();
String headline ="#articleHeader .headline").text();
String subheadline ="#articleHeader .subheadline").text();
String us_details ="#articleHeader .us_details").text();
// ...

Or a tad more efficient:

Document document = Jsoup.connect(url).get();
Element articleHeader ="#articleHeader").first();
String headline =".headline").text();
String subheadline =".subheadline").text();
String us_details =".us_details").text();
// ...
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Android has a SAX parser built into it . You can use other standard XML parsers as well.

But I think if ur HTML is simple enough u could use RegEx to extract string.

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Regex? Shudder. Did you miss the jsoup tag? – BalusC Sep 23 '11 at 4:43
yup I did miss jsoup, and I like RegEx – the100rabh Sep 23 '11 at 6:07
I like regex too. But, to parse HTML? Totally the wrong tool. – BalusC Sep 23 '11 at 6:12
Not to parse but to get some specific data from text. its simpler that way at time – the100rabh Sep 23 '11 at 10:16

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