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I have created a JSF page which asks the user to enter a value, and this value is being processed via Applet and create a barcode image based on the inputted value. My problem is how can i get the value from the JSF Page and use it in my Applet.. Thanks!

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Use JavaScript. E.g.

<h:inputText ... onchange="updateBarcodeApplet(this.value)" />
<applet id="barcodeApplet" ...></applet>

with this JS

    function updateBarcodeApplet(value) {
        var barcodeApplet = document.getElementById("barcodeApplet");

and in Applet

public void updateValue(String value) {
    // Do your business here.

(yes, all Applet's public methods are just available as is in JS)

Needless to say, using an applet for this job is pretty clumsy. Not all clients support or even appreciate applets. I'd also opt for a simple <img> element with a servlet which returns the image as suggested by Denisk. You just have to update the <img src> by JSF or JavaScript.

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Why do you do it in a hard way? You don't really want an applet here, create the image on server, serialize it to response stream and display it as plain image.

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