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Possible Duplicate:
Java: where do static fields live within the memory?

Java uses the heap to save objects and instance variables and the stack for storing methods and local variable. I want to know where static feilds and methods are stored.

static fields --

static methods --

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Your question itself contains an error: methods themselves aren't stored anywhere that you have access to; there is a special "method space" where loaded code goes. Static fields are stored inside class definitions, which are stored in a special heap area called "PermGen space"; static methods, like normal methods, aren't stored in normal Java storage.

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What I heard is, if we call method B() inside method A(). method B() stored in top of the A() in the stack. is it false? – sam Sep 23 '11 at 4:24
That is a true statement about the local variables used in A() and B(); it's not true about the methods themselves. When you call a method, space is set aside on the stack for its local variables; that way a method can call itself, and each call gets its own private set of local variables. This has nothing to do with where the methods (the code?) are themselves stored. – Ernest Friedman-Hill Sep 23 '11 at 4:39

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