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How to execute the loop for specific time

So, I have an infinite loop in C#, but the thing is, I want the loop to end at some point. Not based on a count or a loop interval, but based on a period of time, so once that period of time has passed, the loop ends. How do I do such a thing?

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Make use of Timer or Thread to do that. you can achieve the task easily.

System.Threading.Timer Timer;
System.DateTime StopTime;
public void Run()
    StopTime = System.DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10);
    Timer = new System.Threading.Timer(TimerCallback, null, 0, 5000);

private void TimerCallback(object state)
    if(System.DateTime.Now >= StopTime)
    // do your work.....

check other solution : .NET, event every minute (on the minute). Is a timer the best option?

or Edit


          DateTime dt = DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(10);

            for (; ; )
                if (dt < DateTime.Now)
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