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I am using Crystal Reports 2008 to design reports and the Crystal Reports 2008 runtime to execute them in a web application. I have created a simple typed DataSet and that has two tables TestTable1 and TestTable2. Each has a few columns like Id, Text1, and Text2. I created a test report which uses this Typed DataSet as it's DataSource. If I add the columns from just one of the tables TestTable1 or TestTable2 the report is easily executed with this code.

        report = new ReportDocument();

        var ds = GetData();


        CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = report;

The problem is that when I add a column from the other table I get this message.

"Error in File C:\Windows\TEMP\testreport {94AF2363-CA61-4944-B63E-C0E6E0391C9A}.rpt: The request could not be submitted for background processing."

If I only have columns from one table it works just fine, but adding any columns from the second table gives this error.

Any ideas? I tried both with and without relations in the DataSet. I also tried a untyped DataSet.

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Install Crystal Reports 2008 SP0.

That is no mistake SP0…that’s right zero. Go figure. The tricky part of course is being able to find it. Here is the link. Check out my blog entry for more info on what options to select. (I still can't post using the img tag)

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neither of the links work anymore. – Ghlouw Oct 21 '11 at 14:51

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