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I want to provide defaults for my properties, but allow them to be overridden from the command line in a relatively easy way. I'm using Gradle 1.0 Milestone 3.

This is what I've got, it works pretty much the way I want but it's quite verbose. It just doesn't seem very Gradle-ish - as opposed to the actual work I'm doing, where 150-odd lines of Java code have compressed down to about 2 lines of gradle script.

task sbtCopyTask  {
  fromProp = "defaultCopyFrom"
  toProp = "defaultCopyTo"

  overrideFromProp = System.getProperty('fromSysProp')
  if( overrideFromProp != null && !overrideFromProp.trim().empty ){
    fromProp = overrideFromProp

  doLast {
    println "copying ${fromProp} to ${toProp}"


$GRADLE_HOME/bin/gradle sbtCopyTask

results in:

copying defaultCopyFrom to defaultCopyTo

and executing

$GRADLE_HOME/bin/gradle sbtCopyTask -DfromSysProp="wibble"

results in:

copying wibble to defaultCopyTo
  • I know there's a copy task build into Gradle - the question I'm asking is "how do I write a build script that is customisable from the command line".
  • I tried the "-P" command line option - doesn't seem to do what I want.
  • I want to be able to do this from the command line, properties files or environment variables would be inconvenient.

Edit: Doh, 10 seconds after posting - this seems kind of obvious.

So, this works fine and is completely good enough for me (unless there's a better way?)

fromProp = System.getProperty('fromProp', 'defaultFromProp')
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There is an alternative that looks like System.properties.get('prop', 'defaultValue'). Not that it's any better)) – rodion Sep 23 '11 at 10:04

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