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I am calling a stored procedure from another stored procedure. That stored procedure is returning an integer value always so I am accepting that value in one integer variable.

EXEC @IsBusinessDay  =  LiteIsWorkingDay @ExecutionStart

But even if stored procedure returning 1 value of the @IsBusinessDay is 0.

Code block


EXEC @IsBusinessDay  =  LiteIsWorkingDay @ExecutionStart

IF(@IsBusinessDay = 0)
    IF(CONVERT(VARCHAR,@InterMediateStartDate,108) >  CONVERT(VARCHAR,GETDATE(),108))
        INSERT INTO TbJobQueue (JobId, ScheduleId, DueDate, Status, ExpiryDate, 
                                ProcessingDate, InputUser, InputTime, 
                                LastModifiedBy, LastModifiedTime)
        VALUES (@JobId, @ScheduleId,  @InterMediateStartDate,  'NQUE', NULL,
                NULL, 'Scheduler', GETDATE(), NULL, NULL)

Please Help.


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Can you give some more information. What's in your stored procedures, ... Without more information, we can't help you –  Sven Sep 23 '11 at 8:51
I am inserting records with one store procedure. Now to check whether today's day is business day or not i am assigning value of today's date to @ExecutionStart and call the procedure LiteIsWorkingDay. –  Denish Sep 23 '11 at 9:01
This procedure will check in HolidayMaster that whether that day is working day or not. If working day then it returns 0 else it returns 1. so i am expecting value of 0 and 1 from that store procedure. That is giving proper result. even statement given above is giving proper result if called isolated. but when in Store proc value of IsBusinessDay remains 0 irrispactive of the return value. –  Denish Sep 23 '11 at 9:04

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If you want the value of the stored procedure in a variable you have to make something like this:

  1. Declare output parameter in the LiteIsWorkingDay stored procedure

    create procedure LiteIsWorkingDay @ExecutionStart varchar(20), @IsBusinessDay int output

  2. In LiteIsWorkingDay stored procedure you have to select a value for the @IsBusinessDay output parameter.

  3. In the stored procedure that calls LiteIsWorkingDay you need to do something like this to get its value:

    declare @ExecutionStart varchar(20) select @ExecutionStart = convert(varchar, getdate(), 107)

    declare @IsBusinessDay int exec LiteIsWorkingDay, @IsBusinessDay output

And that's all. Now the variable @IsBusinessDay will have the value that you want :)

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