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i am having a very strange problem while linking a webcam i xperience following error

ArgumentError: Error #2126: NetConnection object must be connected. at flash.net::NetStream/ctor() at flash.net::NetStream()

Following is my code in main.mxml

       import flash.media.Camera;
       import flash.media.Video;
       import flash.net.NetConnection;
       import mx.core.UIComponent;
       import com.kahaf.plutay.* ;    

       private var inVideo:Video;
       private var outVideo:Video;
       private var inVideoWrapper:UIComponent;
       private var camera:Camera;
       private var mic:Microphone;
       private var inStream:NetStream;
       private var outStream:NetStream;

       private function defaultVideoMode(): void
          VideoPanel.width = 726;
           VideoPanel.height = 494;
           inVideo.width = 726;
           inVideo.height = 494;

       private function showInComingVideo():void
           inVideo = new Video(VideoPanel.width,VideoPanel.height);
           inVideoWrapper = new UIComponent();

       private function setupVideo(event:MouseEvent): void
           camera = Camera.getCamera();
           mic = Microphone.getMicrophone();

           var conn:NetConnection = Connection.getConnection().conn;

           inStream = new NetStream(conn);

<s:Group x="283" y="330" width="234" height="149" id="VideoPanel" >
<s:Button x="447" y="151" label="Click Me." click="setupVideo(event)"/>

here is the code of my connection class :

import flash.net.NetConnection;

public class Connection extends NetConnection
    public static var conObj:Connection;
    public var conn:NetConnection;
    public var target:Object;
    public var selector:Function;

    public function Connection()
        conn = new NetConnection;
        target = null;
        selector = null;
        conn.client = this;

    public static function getConnection():Connection
        if(conObj == null)
            conObj = new Connection();
            return conObj;
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Why are you creating a Connection singleton? There's no purpose for this. Second, the error isn't exactly cryptic. It says in plain english that you're trying to attach a stream to a NetConnection that isn't connected to anything.... –  J_A_X Sep 23 '11 at 6:52
Well what do you recommend how do i connect it to webcam –  Muhammad Umar Sep 23 '11 at 7:16
You need to connect it to a server first... –  J_A_X Sep 25 '11 at 23:39

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This the correct order when handling NetConnection and NetStreams:

  1. Create and establish the NetConnection (NetConnection.connect())
  2. Wait for the NetConnection.Connect.Success event (NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS)
  3. Create your NetStream and attach the connected NetConnection to it
  4. Publish/play your stream
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