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I want to install hunchentoot on my freebsd box, but quicklisp reports error:

(ql:quickload "hunchentoot")
To load "hunchentoot":
 Load 3 ASDF systems:
 rfc2388 trivial-backtrace usocket
Install 15 Quicklisp releases:
alexandria babel bordeaux-threads cffi chunga 
cl+ssl cl-base64 cl-fad cl-ppcre flexi-streams 
hunchentoot md5 trivial-features trivial-garbage 

* - Header missing magic values 1F,8B (got 3C,21 instead)! The following restarts are available: ABORT :R1 Give up on "hunchentoot"

ABORT Break 1 [2]> :i

: standard object

type: QL-GUNZIPPER::GZIP-DECOMPRESSION-ERROR 0 [$FORMAT-CONTROL]: "Header missing magic values ~2,'0X,~2,'0X (got ~2,'0X,~2,'0X instead)!" 1 [$FORMAT-ARGUMENTS]: (31 139 60 33) :R2 Abort main loopnter code here

How to fix it ? thanks!

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It looks like the files Quicklisp has downloaded are not valid; they don't start with the expected GZIP file header. Instead, they start with <!... which looks very much like HTML. Do you have a proxy involved on your network? If so, try this:

(setf (ql-config:config-value "proxy-url") "http://your.proxy.url:xyz/")
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No proxy i am using ADSL – z_axis Sep 25 '11 at 0:29

The "hunchentoot" can be installed on my archlinux box now. But the "uffi" cannot be installed:

(ql:quickload "uffi") 
To load " uffi":
Install 1 Quicklisp release:
; Fetching #<URL "">
; 175.27KB
179,479 bytes in 10.53 seconds (16.64KB/sec)
; Loading "uffi"

*** - Component "uffi" not found

I donot understand why the quicklisp has so many problems !

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UFFI does not work on CLISP. – Xach Sep 26 '11 at 10:17

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