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I'm creating kids learning application in android. I created Imageview on which text is displayed and i applied canvas for Imageview so i can able to paint on whole canvas. Upto this working fine.

Now my problem is i have to clip the text present in canvas imageview. I know to clip the region with shapes like Rect , Circle but dont know how to clip the text in android canvas... Also the clipped region must allows me to paint only the clipped region ( not the region other than text view in Imageview .)

Help with some sample code is appreciated.

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Finally i found the solution for my question...

If you want to clip the textview in android you have an method called getTextPath() that will give you the outline of the text which holds the glyph for the text and apply

canvas .clipPath(path);

Now i can able to clip the text view in android canvas....

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have completed this app can u help me i am working on same apps –  Khan May 23 '12 at 13:02
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