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I have used PHPMailer for SMTP and there is problem in sending mail with error "Mailer Error: The following From address failed: no-reply@mydomain.org.uk"

My code is as follows:

        $mail = new PHPMailer();

        $mail->IsSMTP();                                   // send via SMTP

        $mail->Host = "localhost;"; // SMTP servers

        $mail->SMTPAuth = true;     // turn on SMTP authentication

        $mail->Username = "";  // SMTP username

        $mail->Password = ""; // SMTP password

        $mail->From = $email_address;

        $mail->FromName = $email_address;


        $mail->WordWrap = 50;                              // set word wrap

        $mail->IsHTML(true);                               // send as HTML

        $mail->Subject = "Subject";

        $theData = str_replace("\n", "<BR>", $stuff);

        $mail->Body = $theData; // "This is the <b>HTML body</b>";

        $mail->AltBody = $stuff;

        if (!$mail->Send()) {

            $sent = 0;

            echo "Mailer Error: " . $mail->ErrorInfo;



i researched everything and when i debug inside class.smtp.php i found error the function "get_lines()" is returning error value "550 Authentication failed"

The code was working fine previously, i am wondering how this problem came suddenly. Desperate for some help.

Thanks, Biplab

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550 Authentication failed looks pretty clear. Maybe the SMTP account you used for this got a user name and password after all – Pekka 웃 Sep 23 '11 at 8:01
@Pekka: Wait, are you saying that the error messages actually mean something? I am shocked, SHOCKED! ;) – Piskvor Sep 23 '11 at 8:05
i thought same too....but it was working fine before with same code and the space provider do not give this info due to their issue. – Frozenfire Sep 23 '11 at 8:07
@Frozenfire as said - ` Maybe the SMTP account you used for this got a user name and password after all ` – Pekka 웃 Sep 23 '11 at 8:08
hmm...maybe...so i should consult space provider or someone else? – Frozenfire Sep 23 '11 at 8:10
public function sendEmail ( $subject, $to, $body, $from = FALSE ) {
    $mailer = new PHPMailer();
    //do we use SMTP?
    if ( USE_SMTP ) {
        $mailer->SMTPAuth = true;
        $mailer->Host = SMTP_HOST;
        $mailer->Port = SMTP_PORT;
        $mailer->Password = '';
        $mailer->Username = '';
            $mailer->SMTPSecure = "ssl";

    $mailer->SetFrom($from?$from:ADMIN_EMAIL, ADMIN_NAME);
    $mailer->AddReplyTo ( ADMIN_EMAIL, ADMIN_NAME );

    $mailer->Subject = $subject;
    //$mailer->WordWrap = 100;
    $mailer->IsHTML ( TRUE );

    $mailer->AltBody  =  Util::html2text ( $body );

    //$mail->AddAttachment("images/phpmailer.gif");      // attachment
    //$mail->AddAttachment("images/phpmailer_mini.gif"); // attachment

    if ( ! $mailer->Send() ) {
        return FALSE;
    else {
        $mailer->ClearAllRecipients ();
        $mailer->ClearReplyTos ();
        return TRUE;

I've used like that... SetFrom should be used in place of From... that's your error buddy... :))

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no dude....there is no any SetFrom function in my PHPMailer class...there is obviously $From variable in there.. – Frozenfire Sep 23 '11 at 10:28

try adding belowe line to php.ini


restart and try again

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I am using YII's Mailer with PHPMailer, and this works for me:

$mail = Yii::createComponent('application.extensions.mailer.EMailer');
$mail->Username           = $this->SMTP_USERNAME;  // SMTP username
$mail->Password           = $this->SMTP_PASSWORD; // SMTP password
$mail->SMTPAuth           = true;
$mail->From               = $this->fromAddress;
$mail->Host               = $this->SMTP_SERVER_ADDRESS;
$mail->FromName           = $this->fromName;
$mail->CharSet            = 'UTF-8';
$mail->Subject            = Yii::t('mailer', $this->subject);
$mail->Body               = $this->message;

Hope that helps?

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