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How to get a DOM Element from a JQuery Selector

I have a JavaScript library that takes one of parameters as

element: document.getElementById('file-uploader')

And it works well, though I try to use jQuery instead and error happens then.

element: $('#file-uploader')

I suppose these return different objects so how can I make it with jQuery but return an object of the same kind as if it were returned by getElementById method?

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There are at least 2 same questions answered already: stackoverflow.com/questions/2316199/jquery-get-dom-node stackoverflow.com/questions/1677880/… –  Sotomajor Sep 23 '11 at 8:18

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Try -

$('#file-uploader')[0] //or $('#file-uploader').get(0)

This will return the 'naked' JavaScript DOM object, the same as


would return. The example above will only return the first element of the matched set, but in a situation where you're searching by id that should be fine.

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It should be equiv to:

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you have to use either [0] or .get(0) to return the dom object instead of the jquery:



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