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Possible Duplicate:
Rails Admin vs. ActiveAdmin

I'm aware that there is already another question about this, but it was not so useful to me. I'm looking for an Admin generation tool for Rails and, apart from personal taste, I ca'nt decide whether use Rails Admin, Active Admin or other tools. HAve you had any experience with them? Can you suggest which you prefer, giving tech explanaitions and feedbacks?

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This question adds nothing vs the question you referenced. That question is editable. Why not improve it? – Eric Drechsel Mar 12 '12 at 19:21
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I haven't tried Rails Admin, but Active Admin is pretty nice. Active Admin is flexible in the sense that it lets you customize the admin panel at great length, but requires a little bit of Rails (and Ruby) knowledge, and a few conventions here and there.

There is a nice video cast on Active Admin on this website active admin @

I personally prefer to manage objects directly from the front page (Authorization, Sessions, etc...), but all in all it depends what you intend to do for a website. For an e-commerce solution, having an admin panel is useful, but on the other hand I find it overkill for a blog ;).

hope it helps!

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