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We are trying to create a list with iterating an entity with ui:include.

my .xhtml file is like;

<c:forEach items="#{entityHome.list}" var="entityId">
    <ui:include src="/some.xhtml">
        <ui:param name="id" value="#{entityId}" />

We have already created a .xhtml file to visualize single entity. Not we want a list of all entities. Firstly we were using a h:dataGrid but according to this we changed it to c:forEach.

Now when page is rendered, fields in /some.xhtml are empty. I think we cant pass parameter to ui:include. By cant i mean for this situation.

Any idea?


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Can you include some.xhtml? I'm curious what do you need id param for. – mrembisz Sep 23 '11 at 11:27
well...what im trying to do is; i have a page to visualize entities. And some.xhtml is controled by a manager bean(entityHome). if entity home is managed, i'm querying store and bind instance to page basically. With this code for loop is not looping all includes. Show just one page and that page's values are empty. So that makes me to think i cant pass parameter to some.xhtml page. – Çağdaş Sep 23 '11 at 11:42
You should check what entityHome.getList() returns when component tree is built. If this value can change without tree reconstruction you may run into problems described in your referenced article. Maybe set a breakpoint on getter under debugger. – mrembisz Sep 23 '11 at 11:55

I just had the same problem, what I did to solve it was putting another ui:param above the ui:include, and then link that param to the param inside the ui:include :

<c:forEach items="#{entityHome.list}" var="entityId">
    <ui:param name="someId" value="#{entityId}"/>
    <ui:include src="/some.xhtml">
        <ui:param name="id" value="#{someId}" />

This seemed to do the trick for me.

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