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I have four Eclipse plugin projects (create a new Java Project, right-click, configure, Convert to Plugin Project) in my workspace. The first (my.runtime) contains an interface (MyFactoryInterface) and a class (MyClient) that defines a method (List<String> getAllFactoryNames()) that loads all implementations of that interface via java.util.ServiceLoader and calls a method (String getName()) on them, collecting the results and returning them in a list.

To test that class, I have a JUnit test in the second project (my.runtime.test, set up with my.runtime as Fragment-Host), checking if the name returned by a dummy implementation(MyDummy, returning "Dummy") I have in the my.runtime.test project is in the list returned by MyClient.getAllFactoryNames(). So far, it works fine.

In the third project (my.extension, with my.runtime as dependency) I have a class (MyHello) that uses the names returned by MyClient.getAllFactoryNames() to return a list of greetings ("Hello "+name).

Again, to test this, I have a project (my.extension.test, with my.extension as Fragment-Host) containing another Implementation (MyWorld, returning "World" as name) and a JUnit test case checking if "Hello World" is in the greetings returned by MyHello.getGreetings(). This test fails, as MyClient still only finds the MyDummy implementation, and not the MyWorld implementation. Both implementations are accompanied by matching entries in META-INF/services/my.runtime.MyFactoryInterface files.

I currently use the following code to load the implementations:

ServiceLoader<MyFactoryInterface> myFactoryLoader = ServiceLoader.load(MyFactoryInterface.class);
    for (MyFactoryInterface myFactory : myFactoryLoader) {

I know that I can supply a ClassLoader as a second argument to ServiceLoader.load, but I have no idea how to get one that knows all plugin projects... any suggestions? Or is ServiceLoader not the right tool for this problem?

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If anyone stumbles over the same problem: the combination of ServiceLoader.load(MyFactoryInterface.class, Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader()) in MyClient and Thread.currentThread().setContextClassLoader(MyWorld.class.getClassLoader()); in the second test did the job.

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I believe my problem is rather specific, as the runtime is, as the name suggests, a project that is used by other programs at runtime, idependent of eclipse but is also a plugin project because it is used as well by other plugins to create data for the runtime programs... which are tested in eclipse and call the runtime code during the tests. –  hd42 Sep 26 '11 at 7:53

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