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I'm using the DatePicker from the Silverlight Toolkit on Mango

I want to programmatically display the date picker full mode display, but I can't see any API hook to do that at the moment.

Is this possible? or do I have to implement this myself by (intelligently) writing a new control?

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Build your own I'm afraid.

Be careful about the user expectations around opening it automatically though. ;)

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Sadly Matt was right - there's no public or protected API to hack into and security prevents the use of Reflection - so I've +1'd his answer... and a full answer is:

  • take the files from Silverlight.codeplex.com
  • either use the whole project or create your own library with just DatePicker.cs, DateTimePickerBase.cs and the DatePicker Style template from Generic.xaml
  • in your DateTimePickerBase, add:

    public event EventHandler<EventArgs> PopupClosedByDateSelection;
  • in ClosePickerPage() inside PopupClosedByDateSelection inside the if(_dateTimePickerPage.Value.HasValue) block, add:

                if (PopupClosedByDateSelection != null)
                    PopupClosedByDateSelection(this, EventArgs.Empty);

This seems to work for the Back button case as well as for the cancel and OK cases.

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