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I want to make something like

enter image description here In Eclipse in UI tool all looks OK, but when i test app on Emulator or device bottom buttons appears on top of the fields. I want: buttons - at the bottom ; first and second field ; third field must take all free space between 1 and 2 fields and buttons. If I use only RelativeLayout -> all UI is OK(But there is problem with Soft-keyboard) But when I use RelativeLayout inside ScrollView the above mentioned problem is being appeared.



Maybe someone faced with some problem. Thanks in advance.

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use following code in xml

    <LinearLayout >
        <LinearLayout android:orientation="vertical" >
            <EditText />
            <EditText />
            <EditText />

        <LinearLayout android:orientation="horizontal" >

                <Button />
                <Button />


it may solve your problem

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But how can I make second linearlayout to be at the bottom of the screen and third EditText of the first linearlayout to fill all free space between EditText1 +EditText2 and buttons ? –  drifter Sep 23 '11 at 10:00
I noticed that android:fillViewport="true" works for me in UI eclipse tool but not works on devices. –  drifter Sep 23 '11 at 10:12

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