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I was just wondering what tools/techniques everyone uses to replicate Live http traffic to their Demo environments?

We have a web service that has a reasonably heavy load and we need to be able to replicate this load on our Demo environment. We have had a few issues where everything seems fine when testing on Demo but then we have issues when deployed to Live due to either load or dodgy data supplied.

What we are after is a way to forward the Live traffic (in a fire and forget manner as we do not want 2 responses returned obviously) to our Demo servers so we can be sure everything is working before going Live. Ideally we would like to be able to turn this on and off easily as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions for tools/programmatic solutions for this?

(FYI - Our servers run Windows Server 2008 and we use C#)

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If you are looking to simulate browser sessions then you could use Selenium to script and replay browser traffic.

Also, have a look at the Web Performance Tests in VS 2010 Test Projects as a means of scripting / replaying traffic.

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