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I want to get a MongoDB query from R.

With the mongo shell, I would query with:


However, In R-Mongo, I haven't found how to describe this query.


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Are you talking about the rmongodb package - – neilfws Sep 23 '11 at 13:23
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If you are using rmongodb (there is a similar package called Rmongo):

     r <- mongo.find(mongo, "test.user", list(age=list('$gt'=21L)))

the BSON query object can also be built like so:

     buf <- mongo.bson.buffer.create()
     mongo.bson.buffer.start.object(buf, "age")
     mongo.bson.buffer.append(buf, "$gt", 21L)
     query <- mongo.bson.from.buffer(buf)
     r <- mongo.find("mongo", "test.user", query)
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If you are using RMongo, the query would be:

 dbGetQuery(mongo, "user","{'age':{'$gt': 21}}}")

The result of dbGetQuery() will be a Data Frame.

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I have also written light interface to R of the pymongo package (the official API for python) It mimics as close as possible the functions and arguments on the official page of the API

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