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My problem is the next :

When an user hold search's button on an android phone, and this, while a progress bar is in action, the following error message is displayed:

 ERROR / AndroidRuntime ( 16794 ): java.lang. SecurityException: Requesting codes from com.google.android.voicesearch (with uid 10028) to be run in process com.xxxx.myApplication (with uid 10088)

Thus, further to this message I tried several things: kill the process ' com.google.android.voicesearch ' :

JAVA code :

if (event.getKeyCode() == KeyEvent.KEYCODE_SEARCH)
if (!event.isLongPress() && !Utils.getMyProgress().isShowing())
return true;

Unsuccessfully! Thus the idea is to prevent the process 'com.google.android.voicesearch' from being started every time the user of the telephone maintainings for a long time the key(touch) "to look for" of its telephone (example on htc, this key(touch) exists. Rather, a physical and not tactile key(touch)!)

Maybe is it possible to block the launch of this process ('com.google.android.voicesearch') in the in the manifest.xml, while my application is launched :

manifest.xml :


Any idea ? Thanks for answers !

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In order to implement search with assistance from the Android system (to deliver search queries to an activity and provide search suggestions), your application must provide a search configuration in the form of an XML file called the searchable configuration. It configures certain UI aspects of the search dialog or widget and defines how features such as suggestions and voice search behave. This file is traditionally named searchable.xml and must be saved in the res/xml/ project directory.

According to this page, you only have to remove the voice entries from that file.

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