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I am new here and I have read a lot of your post, and still don't find the solution of my problem.

I am writing an App for Android 2.2 using Bluetooth to connect to an End-Device. I have a list of Paired Devices and I can connect my Android-Tablet with each of my already known devices.

What I want to do, is to connect with an End-Device automatically as soon as the Android-Tablet (Master in the whole communication, by the way) detects that one of the known Paired-Devices is in range.

One possibility is to constantly poll and try to see who is near me, but that would cost a lot of battery life, and if I go in range with one of the End-Devices and my Android-Tablet is not in the middle of the Polling-Process, I would not get the automatic connection; I would have to wait until the next Polling-Cycle.

Is there any solution to the problem?

I would the whole thing to work like the BT-Headsets and my handy :-/

Thanks for your answers and hope we can deal with it!

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