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MSDN says that after CryptVerifySignature() you cannot reuse HCRYPTHASH object to try hashing more data, instead it says you need to recreate it with CryptDestroyHash() and CryptCreateHash(). Reusing really fails.

Anyone is familiar with a hack that can save these calls, or it is really impossible?

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Creating and destroying the HCRYPTHASH is a 20 cycle operation on my machine. It's not that expensive. It would be nice to reuse but it does keep internal state. – CodeAngry Apr 8 '14 at 0:00

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I imagine the HCRYPTHASH data structure is more flexible than just being used to call with CryptVerifySignature(). It's designed to operate on a (possibly discontinuous) stream of data (via CryptHashData()), which means it stores some state within it on the hash's current values. Therefore, once you've used it on a stream (even partial) the state is irrevocably altered, so you can't use it on another stream.

I guess they could've provided a reset function for the HCRYPTHASH structure... but they didn't!

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