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Can a ClearCase administrator or a project manager delete a project including all its streams, views, baselines, activities etc.? How?

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  • You cannot easily delete a project, unless all its streams are deleted
  • You cannot easily delete a stream if there are versions created on a branch made from that streams (or if there are any views or any activities attached to that stream).
  • You cannot easily activities unless you have deleted first every versions in it (or move them to another activity)
  • and so on...

Bottom line, ask for the owner of the project to obsolete it (and its streams):

cleartool lock -obs stream:astream@\myPVob
cleartool lock -obs project:myProject@\myPVob

It is a much more lightweight operation with less side-effects and:

  • the project and its streams will be invisible
  • nobody will be able to checkout/checkin any file on those streams (ie on the branches created from those streams)
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